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Performance Status

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Construction companyField nameEquipment companyproduct name
Daekwang ConstructionGwangju Yeonje-dong Daegwang-ro JebienDaegwang ENGSprinkler head
BYC ConstructionSeongnam Sujeong-gu BYC siteSambo Construction & EquipmentSprinkler head
BYC ConstructionGwangju Suwan-jigu BYC siteSambo Construction & EquipmentSprinkler head
Ssangyong ConstructionYongsan Hangeul MuseumSejong EngineeringSprinkler head
Taepyeongyang ConstructionMokpo Yonghae-dong LH, JeonnamSejong EngineeringSprinkler head
Jungheung ConstructionChungnam Hongseong Jungheung S Class-Sprinkler head
Woolim ConstructionGoyang Deokyang Samsong Housing Development District A5Dowu PlanSprinkler head
Woomi ConstructionNamdong-gu Ganseok-dong UmirinDaejung ENCSprinkler head
Ilshin ConstructionChangwon Uichag Humanville 3 danjiDaesung ENGSprinkler head
Ssangyong ConstructionJangjeon 2cha Ssangyong Yega, BusanSejong EngineeringSprinkler head
KCC ConstructionJeonju LH KCCHaegwang ENCSprinkler head
Shinil ConstructionIcheon Bubal Shinil Happy TreeHaegwang ENCSprinkler head
Hana ConstructionGunsanDaegwang ENGSprinkler head
Ssangyong ConstructionGunsan Gijok-dongJinheung EngineeringSprinkler head
Hanjin Heavy IndustriesJinju Chojeong-dong Hanjin ApartmentGunhyung EngineeringSprinkler head
Ssangyong ConstructionChungbuk Eumseong Bongseong-riSejong EngineeringSprinkler head
Ssangyong ConstructionGunsan Gijok-dongSejong EngineeringSprinkler head
Ilshin ConstructionChangwon Uichang?Gunyoung 3 chaDaesung ENGSprinkler head
Jina ConstructionGwangju Sunwoon-jigu JinarichaeDaegwang ENGSprinkler head

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