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105℃ Early response type

Product overview
Sprinkler Head is an instrument designed for automated fire extinguisher before flush-over in case of fire and thus requires top reliability to minimize damage in life, property at extreme condition.To meet these purpose and lead groundbreaking technical innnvation in firefighting industry, the Sprinkler Head which ASA Kwang Woon Co., Ltd. developed has some characteristics as below. * Standard Response Sprinkler Head
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Product Characteristics

Cold Solid problem

settlement before flush over in case of fire through real fire test

assembly drawing

Shock withstand structure of Iron ball supported type

assembly drawing

Low assembly load

Because O-ring sealing method minimizes the assembly load, the stress generated inside the head is small and it is very safe design.

Product Specififcation

Our Flush-type Sprinkler Head is an innovative and totally new structure with high-quality special coating and O-ring on the nozzle part and 8 bearing balls on disassembly part. Leakage or watering is an unthinkable sprinkler head unless the sprinkler head is operated by temperature and the breakdown section is completely broken or the head itself is not completely broken. It is a literally shockproof type sprinkler head which can not be seen in other products due to its stable structure developed by our company.

* Standard Response Sprinkler Head

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Item No. Display
Heat Sensitivity Water Quantity(ℓ/min) Effective Watering Radius(m) Mounting Direction Protection Cap Color
AE72-Q80C 72℃ Early response type 80 2.6 Downward Yellow-green
AE105-Q80C 105℃ Early response type 80 2.6 Downward Transparent
AE72-Q50C 72℃ Early response type, Residential type 50 2.6 Downward Red
AE105-Q50C 105℃ Early response type, Residential type 50 2.6 Downward Pink
AE72-M80C 72℃ Standard response type 80 2.3 Downward Green
AE105-M80C 105℃ Standard response type 80 2.3 Downward Blue

* Standard Response Sprinkler Head

Assembly drawing
Assembly drawing
Assembly drawing