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Product overview
Frame Type Sprinkler Head with glass bulb assembled. The thermal part of the glass bulb is filled with thermal expansion liquid in a special glass, and it is the best head for an exposed piping type without a ceiling like parking lot. Our Glass Bulb Type Sprinkler Head uses safety bulb made by Job, Germany, the world's largest glass bulb maker that does not cause malfunctions in a compact and lightweight structure, and ensures safety and sufficient reliability. * Frame Type Sprinkler Head
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Product Specifiaction
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  • Connection thread : General standard PT 1/2"(15A)
  • Operating pressure range : 0.15 ~ 1.2 MPa
  • Hydrostatic test pressure : 2.5 MPa / 5 min
  • Thermostat characteristics : Glass bulb
  • O perating temperature classification : 68 ℃ - Red / 93 ℃ - Green
  • Distribution of water direction : : Upward (SSU) / Downward (SSP) / Sidewall, Horizontal (SSH)
  • Sensitivity characteristics Classification : Standard response type (SR) / Early response type (QR)
  • Frame Type Sprinkler Head
Production list
Item No. Display
Sensitivity Characteristic Effective Watering Radius Effective Watering Radius Connection Thread Watering Quantity
AG68-M80-SSU 68℃ Standard response type Upward r 2.3 PT 1/2” 80LPM
AG68-M80-SSP 68℃ Standard response type Downward r 2.3
AG93-M80-SSU 93℃ Standard response type Upward r 2.3
AG93-M80-SSP 93℃ Standard response type Downward r 2.3
AG68-Q80-SSU 68℃ Early response type Upward r 2.3
AG68-Q80-SSP 68℃ Early response type Downward r 2.3
AG68-M80-SSH 68℃ Standard response type Standard Sidewall type spraying
AG93-M80-SSH 93℃ Standard response type
AG68-Q80-SSH 68℃ Early response type
AG93-Q80-SSH 93℃ Early response type
AGOP-80-SSU Open type - Upward r 2.3
AGOP-80-SSP Open type - Downward r 2.3
AUG68, 93-M80-SSU 68, 93℃ Standard response type Upward UL 199 NPT1/2 K5.6
AUG68, 93-M80-SSP 68, 93℃ Standard response type Downward

* Frame Type Sprinkler Head