Kwang Woon is a small-sized water hammer arrestor manufacturer that has taken the first step as a late starter in the plumbing and gas installations industry. We have been continuing to grow with the accumulated technology and experience through steadily carrying out OEM manufacturing for various businesses for the past years.

Recently, harmful substances to the human body have been found in the tap water used by everyone, and the KC certification of Korea Water & Wastewater Works Association for the water supply materials and products have been canceled due to the harmful substances exceeding the Hygiene safety standard of Ministry of Environment, causing confusing market condition in plumbing industry.

In addition, the gas appliance industry is also facing an unfortunate reality where it is hard to enter the market even with an excellent product of differentiated functions and costs, due to the unreasonable standards and practices. All our employees in Kwang Woon boldly tackle these challenges. We will make every effort to establish the hygienic safety of drinking water and tap water and improve unreasonable standards and improper practices of public institutes. We will continuously strive to become a company who serves customers with the attitude of a companion, through better-progressed management and the competitive product that satisfy customers. Your interest and guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you.