Water Hammer Arrestors


KW-E (Lead-free Brass)

Application Standards
● SPECIFICATION l Kwang Woon Products Pre- charged hard drawn copper surge pressure absorber with teflon piston, EPDM O- ring seals, and Lead Free Adaptor male NPT & BSP connection. ● OPERATING PRESSURE l Designed to operate on all domestic and commerical lines upto 150 PSI working pressure. ● TEMPERATURE RANGE l 33℉ to 180℉ (0.5℃ to 82℃) ● INSTALLATION l May be installed in new or existing plumbing systems with a standard pipe tee. ● CONSTRUCTION - Bodies : Hard drawn copper with custom internal mirror finish. - Seal Lubricant : Dow-Corning Silicone compound #111 FDA or equivalent approved for use in portable water system. * Lead-free (Pb free brass) * Pipe Hammer Arrestor * Water Hammer Arrestor * Water Shock Arrestor * Shock Arrestor
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