Sprinkler Head


ADE 72-M80-SSP

Product overview
A dry type of sprinkler Head assembled in a glass bulb type sprinkler or fusible link sprinkler head thermostat type which is usually installed where frozen-to-burst risk and watering disorder exist. Product length can be ordered according to site characteristics. The inside of the product is assembled with an orifice device capable of waterproofing 80LPM flow rate, and it is mechanically assembled instead of the material such as antifreeze and gas. In particular, the Flush-type Dry Pendant has a good appearance and is stable, so it is often applied to high-class interior or school facilities. * Residential Fire Sprinkler Head * Fusible Link Sprinkler Head * Liquid Inside Sprinkler Bulb * Dry Sidewall Sprinkler * Dry Pendent Sprinkler * Flush Sprinkler Head
Product Specifiaction
  • glassbulb img
  • Type : Dry pendent sprinkler, Downward type / Dry sidewall sprinkler type
  • Connection thread : PT 1" (25A)
  • Operating pressure range : 0.15 ~ 1.2 MPa
  • Hydrostatic test pressure : 2.5 MPa / 5min
  • Thermostat characteristics : Glass bulb sprinkler, Fusible link sprinkler head
  • Operating temperature classification : 68℃ - Red / 93℃ - Green / 72℃ - Transparent / 105℃ - White
  • Distribution of water direction :
    Downward (SSP sprinkler head) / Horizontal (SSH), Dry sidewall sprinkler
  • Sensitivity characteristics Classification : Standard response type (SR) / Early response type (QR)
Standard Production Length
Dry pendent 150L, 200L, 250L, 300L, 400L, 450L, 500L, 600L, 700L, 900L, 1000L, 1200L, 1300L, 1500L
Dry sidewall 200L, 300L, 350L, 400L, 450L, 1400L